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Tips to make your child street smart and savvy

Be calm and matter-of-fact when laying down guidelines about how to act around strangers. There is no point giving them the impression that every stranger should be looked upon with extreme suspicion as they are bound to mean harm.

Discuss this issue like you would any other safety issue such as playing with fire or crossing the road.

If you're leaving your children with a friend or relative, make it a point to repeat the instructions to them too in front of your children. Tell your children never to accept a lift, or any offers for food or invitations to play without first taking your permission or permission of the adult they are with.

Tell them not to talk to strangers.

They should also avoid playing or walking alone. They should always stick to a group of children.

If for some reason they are alone at home and the doorbell rings, they should not open the door.

Similarly, if a stranger telephones when they are alone at home they should just take a message without volunteering any information or indicating that they are alone.

Engage in role-play occasionally. Tell your children to pretend that you're a stranger trying to talk to them in a street and ask them what they would do. Do not create fear in their minds by going into graphic detail about all the terrible things that can happen to them if they talk to strangers.

Test your children by getting a friend to telephone your house pretending to be a stranger when you are out and see how your children handle the situation.



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