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Welcome to New Era English School- Nashik
"American Technology with Bharatiya Sanskruti"



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American Methodology;

  • Teach students to learn by themselves
  • Use Internet and computer based teaching for course work
  • No school bags. Students study in the school and leave the school bag in the school.
  • All homework to be done in the school Encourage student interaction in the class room. Make students pro-active learners.
  • Encourage students to do "Out of box thinking"
  • Keep creativity of every child alive
  • Follow experiment based teaching as against traditional "only theory teaching"
  • Hands on interactive field & workshop experience
  • Assignment work for weekend
  • Linking up education with practical real life experiences
  • Accept the fact that every student is different & encourage the in-born interest and in-born strengths of every student.
  • Develop logic and analytical skills of the student
  • Develop communication skills of a student.
  • Life as a pursuit of "Peace of Mind/Happiness" and not just going after materialistic, monetary possessions.
  • Resort to spiritual means to achieve
  • "Eternal Happiness and Peace".
  • Firm belief in long lasting life time relationships.
"Bhartiya Sanskruti"

  • Respect elders irrespective of their financial status
  • Faith in the philosophy. "Satyameva Jayate"
  • Tolerance; Respecting individuals as they are and not forcing specific ideologies on them. Respecting their faiths and beliefs.
  • Belief in the "Supreme"; Pray everyday for HIS blessings
  • Firm belief in hard work.
School Picnic

Era English School follows American Technology but teaches "Bhartiya Sanskruti".
The materialistic prosperity could be achieved by American technology, but if it is based on "Bhartiya Sanskruti" "Eternal Peace

of Mind" and "Happiness" could be achieved with those materialistic achievements.


Internet In Every Class Room
Special Tutorial Classes In The School.
Computer Based Teaching
Audio-visual Aids In The Education.
Compulsory Sports.
Public Speaking Workshops.
General Knowledge Sessions.
School Bus.


Sanskar Classes
Daily Prayers
Well Equipped Laboratory.
Resourceful Library.
Picnics And Outings.
Nursery Toys.
Aptitude Testing
Regular Medical Check-up
Parent's Role in New Era


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