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"American Technology with Bharatiya Sanskruti"



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Our Mission

The real world is becoming highly competitive. It's looking for well developed, skilled & result oriented citizens, rather than those who have degrees just for the sake of it.

Most of the people try to like what they do, very few get to do what they really like. Those who do what they like excel in their chosen fields. No matter how intelligent the child is he/she won't excel if he/she has to do what doesn't interest him/her. Mr. Sachin Tendulkar and Mr. Vishwanathan Anand would have probably failed miserably had they been forced to be either a musician or a painter. They however did what they liked ... play Cricket & Chess and they excelled! This is the underlying philosophy of the school: The Strength Theory: Identify the in-born strengths of the child and develop them to the fullest extent. Nurture the interests of the students. By the end of the school years let the student be really excellent in at least one thing. It is our experience that students learn some subjects faster than others. This indicates, to some extent the real aptitude of the student.

Strength Theory:

Instead of parents dictating the future of the student if the student himself/herself cruises through different choices in life, a natural option gets selected as per the aptitude.

The student then automatically enjoys life, becomes cheerful, optimistic, finds purpose in life and gets excited to enter the real world and pursue the goals of life. The strength theory does however say that the qualifying academic credentials must be achieved e.g. everyone must clear the regular S.S.C. and other exams, but while doing so, some special subject/special area of interest to the student must be developed fully. This becomes the foundation for excellence in life!

Process of finding in-born interest of the student is very systematic. The student goes through aptitude testing, evaluation of interests by teachers over the years based on the participation of the student in the classroom sessions, analysis of academic results and extra curricular activities. Eventually a joint meeting among parent, teacher and student is arranged and a conclusion is drawn. Once a joint decision is made and a goal is set, it is up to the student to pay the price in terms of hard work to achieve the objective.

New Era provides the resources and infrastructure to develop and nurture students to the peak of their capabilities. The efficiency of the instrument lies in the co-operation, understanding and confidence that parents would develop with NEW ERA. Parents would have to realize that it is not only the school, which is responsible for their child's overall progress and development but the role is more or less 50-50 sharing. Hence parents should be active participants in activities where they are required. It is also important for parents to be pro-active and provide ongoing feedback to the school.

How would there be a global attitude?

The world is changing at a very fast pace. Supersonic air planes, fax machines, cellular phones, pagers, Internet and E-mails have made the world smaller. Global opportunities are looking for well-trained & skilled individuals irrespective of their nationalities.

Our students should have resources, tools, environment and opportunities similar to what is available to their counterparts in the USA or Europe. A cultured and polished diamond is valuable and superior to its raw stone like counterpart, not because it was different at the source but it's because it got the right "Environment" and "Opportunities" to be developed to its full potential. That's exactly what we offer at New Era. Our students also get an opportunity to interact with the students of the USA.

"NEW ERA......Preparing for Tomorrow......Today!"

Our Students get an opportunity to Interact with the Students in the U.S.A.

American Teaching Methodology

To do away with homework & tutions. Here are some of the simple methods we adopt.

Special tutorial classes of half an hour each in the morning & half an hour at the end of the day. (School teachers would not be allowed to take tutions.)

Practical assignment work for weekends only.

Cutting down on holidays & thereby increasing study hours.

Hands on interactive field & workshop experience.

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