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How to improve your child's performance

Is your child falling behind others in the class? Are you giving him/her proper guidance? First, let's try to find where the real problem lies.
Methods to Improve Your Child's Performance

Your child is Nature's best gift to you. As you nurture him and watch him grow it will be an experience of your lifetime. Your task does not end by having your son admitted to a reputed school, infact it begins there. The teacher's efforts will yield better results provided you also give a balanced guidance to your child. I have seen and heard some parents worrying about the grades of their children .

The following guidelines will definitely help them in improving the grades of their children in schools.

  1. Involve yourself fully. Keep a constant watch on how your child is utilizing his study-time. Focused study will increase his interest and concentration. Help him positively in doing his schoolwork or assignment. Help your child to find out his weak area and subsequently ask him to put more effort on it. Try to clear his doubts as far as you can.
  2. Motivate your child to give him proper incentive. Giving treat, raising the pocket money, allowing him to watch television, are some of the things, which can help motivate your child. Make him a healthy competitor but not aggressive. Compare his past performances with those in the present. If there is even slightest of improvement, give him a pat on his back. Proper motivation and encouragement combined with your involvement will definitely bring dramatic changes in his grades.

  3. There is a fear created in the mind of the child by some parents. It must be avoided .The feeling of insecurity creeps in. It is very harmful. He starts hiding his grade. Be friendly with your child. Do maximum interaction with him regarding his school, his studies, and his performance in examinations. Sometimes arguments, discussions on table also help your child understand the topic in an informal manner.

  4. Do not distance yourself from your child. Set realistic goal/target for him to achieve. Suppose he is getting D grade expect only C grade. If you start expecting grade A from the beginning it will only confuse him. Do not be over ambitious and gradually raise the target. Be a role model for your child, so that he can look forward to you for guidance. At times you have to show restrain. While you are watching the television, you cannot ask your child to study. Provide the proper healthy environment at home for your child's mental growth.

  5. Attend the parent teacher meetings regularly to get the proper feed back from the school.

Thus it is your attitude; your commitment that will reap rich dividends. It will be your sound investment.



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