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Early childhood

We come across a very common complaint from parents of kids in the 3-12-year age bracket. A child performs well till a particular class, and then comprehension begins to dip. These kids have a certain level of understanding beyond which they take time to comprehend. In this case, the child should be taken to a psychologist for proper treatment. Depending upon the degree of intelligence, we recommend the child to be sent to slow-learning schools or in certain cases, to address his/her nutritional problems.

Another segment of students suffers from specific learning disorders. Parents complain that though their kids are good in all subjects, they fail in mathematics. This problem generally improves with special training.

There is a major temper problem also in this age group. It stems mostly from the trauma of separation. That is, the child is unable to adjust to the new atmosphere at school, which is quite different from that at home. Because of this, the child is unable to perform well. Vomitting before going to school, abdominal pain, headache are indirect ways of understanding that the child is not very comfortable in school and that is the reason of his/her falling grades in class.

There are some basic points which every parent should remember:

  •   Do not pressure the kid.

  •   Maintain a comfortable atmosphere at home.
  •   Look out for alternate ways. If a child is good at singing   or dancing then the child can concentrate more on that.
  •   No child should be compared with siblings or friends.
  •   If there are major behavioural problems, the parents   should check it with the teachers. He/she can have a   disliking for a particular teacher or a subject.



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