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India || Maharashtra || Table Manners || Health


Read hindi
Learn the Indian Language "Hindi"
Daily Life in Ancient India
Details the daily life of the Harappan civilization, including brief descriptions of their homes, clothing, entertainment, toys, and art.
Harappa-Mohenjodaro Cultures
Offers a map of the Indus Valley civilization, and provides a brief description of the excavations, as well as photographs.
Indian freedom fighter
It gives us pleasure to put before he world that we Indians are celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Inependace Day of India
Indian Gods Picture Collection
Furnishes images of the Gods in the Hindu pantheon, and offers a description of their genealogy and powers.


Details the formation of Maharashtra in 1960, and offer an overview of its capital Bombay, and other landmarks including the Kailash temple
Maharashtra Forts
Offers a history of Shivaji's Maratha conquests, and details the Bassein, Murud Janjira, and Raigad forts.

Table Manners

Children's Table Manners
Lays out a few lessons that parents should teach their children about dining etiquette. For example, children should chew with closed mouths.
Learn2 Set a Table
Illustrated guide walks through the basic steps of preparing the table, covering both casual and formal settings. Learn new ways to fold napkins.
Learn 2 Use Chopsticks
Manipulate chopsticks like a native after three easy lessons. Uses illustrations to clarify the instructions.
Manners Jar
Learn about a game designed to teach manners at the dinner table, invented by parents. Available for order.
Top Tens at the Table
List of dos and don'ts for kids is presented by the National Pork Producers council. For example, don't drink from the gravy boat.
Watch Your Manners Puppet Show
Script of a psalm-based puppet show reminds kids to use their best manners both at home and out.


First-aid Kit
The Supplies You Need All in One Place
Bicycle Safety
Bicycle your way to good health by following these simple safety rules.
Kid's Health
Expert information from numerous foundations for parents, kids and teens
How does the body works?
Learn about human body
Neutrition cafe
Know about Nutritional games and dietary guidelines
Child Nutrition, Health & Physical Activity
Help for the parents to take care of their children
Dole 5 day Nutrition facts
Nutrition center which gives the information of Nutrition facts of different fruits and vegetables.
Food Pyramid Guide
The Easy Way to Eat Right!
Nutrition Health zone
Know about nutrition basics, vitamins and minerals, eating habits and healthy recipes
Science/Nature for Kids
Your guide