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Introduction to computers   This webpage about computers. We hope you enjoy it. We love computers and we want you to learn more about them. When you leave this website, you should be an expert in computers.

Kids and computers

Kids can program!   Yes they can, but they are not born knowing how to program, the darn things have to be taught!

Learning LOGO   A number of lessons on learning Logo.

Ask Jeeves for Kids   Please type a question and click "Ask!"For example: "Why is the sky blue?" Check my spelling. How do I make cool paper airplanes? What kids are...

QBasic Pathfinder   Categorized links to Top QB sites, Tutorials, compilers, source code, FAQs, Discussion, RPG, chat, webrings, Encyclopedias & much more!

Introduction to MS-DOS   MS-DOS is a "disk operating system". What that means is that when the computer system is turned on, the operating system used is based on a disk.